Ringing Course Papers

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Grandsire Doubles - Handouts

1:  A paper on improving Striking and Dodging:

2:  The Wallchart - a classic view of the method : 
Shows the Blue line with Circle of Work and calls.

3:  A different way of looking at the method - the Janogram: 
Technically a Polar plot of the Method; lead is in the middle, the cover bell is on the outside.
Note different colours for each lead, and that 2nd hunt bell is yellow.

4:  A Summary of the Course Presentations:
Students Part 1: The Method:   Part 2: Touches:   Part 3: Triples:
Helpers pack:
5:  A Training exercise method - Thingummy Grandsire:
Students view :   Handout (A5)
This is a "repeating lead" practice method, my own invention this time.
The 3rd bell rings 3rds and lead throughout, while bells 4 & 5 ring the 4-5 Dodges of Grandsire, and bells 1 & 2 ring the 4-5 Places of Antelope.

6:  A few useful touches of Grandsire:
Short :   6-Call 120 (off 3) :   (off 5)
9-Call 120 :  
Morris' 240   All 120 possible changes twice - at hand AND at back

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