Ringing Course Papers

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General Papers

1:  A list of Ringing Terms - well those I commonly use!:

2:  A set of grids for you to practice "pricking out" a plain method:
Each grid has columns 1 to 5, 6, 7; with lead end markers
You can use them by either filling in the numbers or joining the dots.
a plain Doubles method:   a plain Minor method: 
a plain Triples method:
3:  Thingummy - Practice methods (after Bayles)
Doubles - Plain Bob & Grandsire (Handout): 

This is a 2x A5 Handout including both PB and G "repeating lead" practice methods.
Minor - Plain Bob (A4)

Do browse these files - and let me know if you find any errors.
And do please any improvements...

You are welcome to use any of these materials for your personal use;     © Alistair Donaldson 2008-22
but if you intend to re-distribute them please will you ask me first?      Thank you!